Get Prepped for Get Repped: Win One of Ten Free Consultations

Fellow writers! Get Repped Now! returns on 3/11/24. We want to make sure everyone is ready. And if you have no idea what GRN is, you can read all about it right here.

Last week, we started our Get Prepped for Get Repped series. In case you missed the first entry, it’s on our blog.

We’re starting Get Prepped for Get Repped off with a bang by giving away TEN FREE half-hour phone consultations. These will be with our senior staff: Anna S., Tanya K., or Jim C. Want to make sure your story idea will appeal to a manager? Concerned over how to present you and your material in the most positive way? Can’t seem to get out of that “pass” zone? Whatever the issue, we are ready to help.

How does it work? Simply email us at [email protected] with the subject line “Free Phone Call.” We will randomly pick 10 winners and email you to schedule your call. And no, there are no upsells or any of that nonsense. Your time is your time, and we will cover whatever you need to discuss.

We are planning on giving away phone consultations every two or three weeks until Get Repped Now begins. So if you don’t get selected this time, no worries, there will be at least TWO more chances.

Ask us anything! Staring at a blank page? We’ve got you. Need career advice? We have a lot of experience we’re happy to share. Don’t know where to take your protagonist next? Your structure is a shambles? Talk to us.

Let’s get prepped!

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