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Screenplay coverage is a fantastic tool, but nothing beats one-on-one with a CI story analyst. It’s a terrific way to work through story problems, figure out what’s working and what isn’t in your writing and clarify your ideas. Writers come away empowered and excited, with a clear idea of how to get to the finish line.

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There’s no better way to work out a story than by talking through it. Many of our clients send us their outlines or treatments, and then they work with us to develop and flesh out their story and find the things that work and the things that don’t. A dynamic conversation working through the trouble spots and spitballing new ideas on the spot might be just what the (script) doctor ordered!

Coverage Ink Consultation Fees 2022

CI consultations are a reasonable $45 per half-hour, $89/hour (1/2 hr minimum,) or 4 hours for $345 — and how you use that time is up to you.




Want to put 10,000 volts into your writing? Mentor with one of our CI Story Analysts. With a CI Mentorship, you’ll work one-on-one with one of our senior story development pros for as long as you like to shape both your material and your craft. We will set up a series of Zoom, phone or Skype calls (as many as you feel are necessary) to fit your schedule. We can jump in at any point from concept to 30th draft.

Working with your CI Mentor, you will machete your way through any issues, questions or problems on the page. You can bounce ideas around in real-time and work through all the rough spots with the invaluable assistance of a neutral third party with killer story chops.

Your writing voice cannot help but evolve rapidly.

Some folks like to consult with their mentor for an hour every week; others do one or two sessions and then go off to do their thing, and come back when they have a new draft and schedule a few more. However you want to do it, we can make it happen!

When you’re ready for the champion-level training, give us a shout. Schedule a half-hour for just $45, an hour for $89 or a block of four hours for $345.

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PLEASE NOTE: We do have to charge for reading time, but we can generally work out a package price for any client or situation. We can also bundle coverage with consultations.

Returning clients who want readers to look at anything new over 10 pp or so, be aware we need to add an extra half-hour or more reading time (TBD.)


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