Want world-class story analysis? You’ve come to the right place. Mark-up and editing included.

If you want the works, you want Coverage Ink Pro Analysis. CI Pro readers are an elite few, the best of the best — our most experienced, senior readers, who have proven their chops time and again and have years of experience.

Say the word, and we will let them loose on your script.

The typical Coverage, Ink Pro Analysis will run approximately 15-20 pages (for features) of single-spaced, constructive notes brimming with ideas. We’ll get into the weeds and leave no stone unturned.

We’ll put our CI Pro Readers up against any expensive screenplay consultant in the world.

  • $399 – feature CI Pro analysis (up to 120 pages)
  • $349 – 1-hr pilot CI Pro analysis (up to 70 pages)
  • $299 – 1/2-hr pilot CI Pro analysis (40 pages)

Here’s the best part: script mark-up and editing are INCLUDED in Coverage, Ink Pro Service. We’ll edit and flag typos, grammatical errors, scenes that run long and write copious margin notes on your script as we read it. This can be an invaluable tool for helping to improve your writing by seeing exactly what the reader is thinking while reading your script.

We will hit every area of the screenplay in depth: Characters, Structure, Act Breaks, Beats, Pacing, Dialogue, Craft, Dramatic Need, Title, Marketability, and much, much more. Now our Standard Analysis is a great value, chock full of useful, empowering notes, and is certainly more than adequate for most folks. But the CI Pro analysis dials it up a notch. Our Pro readers have a tendency to go long and go deep.

When you’re ready for the ultimate screenplay analysis, it’s CI Pro time.

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