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Introducing CI LITE, Coverage Ink’s newest screenplay analysis product. CI Lite is our most affordable feature and TV analysis.

CI Lite is a two-pager impact report similar in style to “studio” coverage – but with the CI touch. CI Lite will show you how close you are to the bull’s-eye – and will give you the broad strokes you need to address to hit the target.

And yes, CI Lite analyses do count towards Get Repped Now (during the GRN period only).

PAGE 1: Logline, Comments, Conclusion

PAGE 2: Detailed grid showing at a glance the areas that brought it, and the areas that need a bit more TLC.

No synopsis. No breakdowns of each area. Just the 20,000-foot overview and the key takeaways you need to make the script rock. And you can still add on a consultation with the reader on the back end (extra charge) if you want to go over anything in detail.

Click image for a closer look!

FEATURES (up to 120 pages) $119

1-HR PILOTS (up to 65 pages) $99

1/2-HR PILOTS (up to 35 pages) $89


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