Producers and Industry Professionals

Can’t find a decent, affordable writer who can get it done?

Need a second opinion or a production polish ASAP?

Need help conquering a huge pile of scripts or judging a contest?

We’re on it.

Coverage Ink is here to help. We have a team of 30+ incredible story consultants, all hand-picked and tested by us, many of whom are WGA, produced or award-winning writers with industry experience. There are no interns here. We’ll take a look at the material at no charge and give you a free quote. We will then pair you with one of our consultants we feel is best suited for what you need.

Services include:

  • Rewrites (from polishes to page ones)
  • Ghostwriting
  • Editing/Proofreading
  • Script origination/creation
  • Book adaptation
  • Pitch documents/Bibles
  • Emergency (Rush) Coverage – 24-48-hr turnaround
  • In-depth development notes
  • Draft comparisons/recommendations
  • Manuscript/play coverage
  • Contest judging
  • Personalized mentoring
  • Confidential consultations

And everything else!

“One of the best coverage companies.” —

We work with  well-known production and management companies in Hollywood and around the world and act as trusted confidential advisors. We’ve helped develop dozens of features and TV movies. We’ve done page one rewrites for name producers at a fraction of what they’d pay for the same level of quality elsewhere. And of course, we regularly do smart and incisive coverage on scripts as well as manuscripts for producers and managers.


CONTACT US and tell us what you need. Please ask about the INDUSTRY DISCOUNT on coverage services.

Need a writer?

We are fast, and we are solid. Here at Coverage, Ink, we have a stable of amazing writers, many at the pro level but looking for extra money, and some with great skills who simply haven’t broken in yet. But best of all, once we pair you with a writer/consultant, we will ride herd the whole way, making sure the final deliverables are up to industry standards.

In other words, you’re not just hiring a writer (with all the potential difficulties which may come with that — flakeage, unreliability, execution not up to par, final product going in a different direction than what you wanted, etc.) On every script written for hire, CI head Jim Cirile acts as production manager/story editor, guiding the process and ensuring that the final deliverable rocks the house.

As well, all script origination jobs come with our CONSIDER guarantee.

GUARANTEED CONSIDER – All Coverage, Ink Pro scripts written for hire come with our CONSIDER guarantee. After completion of every draft, we will submit the script (under a pseudonym) to one of our team for coverage. After receiving the coverage, the script will then be polished (at no additional charge,) and again, the script will be sent anonymously to a DIFFERENT reader for coverage. We do this as many times as needed until your screenplay scores a coveted “consider” for the script — guaranteeing you a ultra-high quality product, ready to rock and open doors. You can’t get that with hiring an independent writer!

AT NO TIME DOES COVERAGE INK ATTACH ITSELF. Coverage Ink will never come aboard your project or try to take any percentage of sale or option fee. However, if you partner with one of our analysts as a co-writer, the deal may include some sort of sharing of the script fee in the event of a sale or option. We are happy to discuss all the options in this regard in depth.


Please be advised that ghostwriting is our least preferred working situation. If possible, we’d rather have our writer receive credit or share credit than have another writer(s) take all the credit. That said, obviously, that is not always possible, and there are circumstances where we will agree to a ghostwriting situation, such as a production polish. Please contact us so we can learn more about your needs.

We promise we will give you the best rewrite you can get at prices no one else can touch for that level of quality.