They work with you to develop and hone your material and craft, they introduce you to the town and partner you with producers and agents. In short, they are often the key to breaking in.

We’ve got a panel of top literary representatives on board, all looking for the next great screenwriting voice.
If you’ve got the goods, we want to read your script.

Get Repped Now introduces the best emerging writers to top industry managers. After that, whatever happens is up to them – and you.



To CI 2023 Consider Joe Marino for signing with Gavin Dorman and David Binns from Schemers Ent. Schemers was mighty impressed with Marino’s slow-burn Southern Gothic horror thriller FEALTY and is excited to bring his incredible talent into their stable. Way to go, Joe!
Signed and Sold: BarkerWe’ve gotten hundreds of writers read by our management panels, which has resulted in over 80 meetings, writers working with managers on developing new material, writers signed to agencies and management companies, and even a big spec sale — when manager Jake Wagner sold writer Brandon Barker’s script “Nottingham & Hood” to Disney for six figures. “Coverage Ink is what started it all!” enthused Barker. “I cannot thank you guys enough. Major dream come true!”

“Without sounding too cheesy, you work for so long with these milestones of ‘success’ in your head that seem so far away,” said Becky Fink, who signed with Schemers Entertainment in January 2023. “Finding people who want to be a part of my team was always one of those milestones for me. I’m so happy to be working with Schemers Entertainment, and thank you, Coverage Ink, for making it happen!”

If you’ve got the goods, you’ve got a real shot of getting a kick-ass rep and launching your writing career.

Exciting news from 2021 Consider David L. Williams: “I’m officially repped at VERVE. Very excited to team up with such an amazing crew. I’m diving into a tiny rewrite of (“Intergalactic”) to address (attached director) Ryan Velasquez’s final notes, and then it’s being taken out from there. So you know, this wouldn’t be possible without you guys. Ryan is literally perfect for this project, and I’m extremely blessed and grateful. Please send a special message to whoever did the coverage for that script long ago. Their feedback was beyond top notch.”


15 top feature and TV lit managers with a broad palette of tastes.


Considers will be announced in Coverage Ink’s newsletter, blog, and social media, throughout the summer as we find them. We won’t have the final list until probably September 2024. Want an update? Just email us.




1. You submit your pilot or feature script to Coverage Ink for coverage during our Get Repped Now! period March 11th – June 16th (extended final deadline), 2024. Get Repped Now is now over for 2024 – no more submissions will be accepted, sorry!

2. If the reader rates your material a “consider” for script (roughly the top 2-3% of submissions,) then it will automatically ADVANCE to the manager panel at the end of Get Repped Now! You will also have a chance to implement the notes and polish accordingly from the coverage beforehand.

3. All submissions will receive full screenplay or pilot analysis, so if you do not score a ‘consider’ for script, your coverage report will detail why and show you how to hopefully get it into the zone. You may then, if you desire, resubmit a revised draft for another round of coverage before the Get Repped Now! final deadline — if you have time. 


(includes a detailed coverage report analyzing every aspect of the screenplay)

$155 for features up to 120 pages (extra length fee applies over 120; 130 pages max)

$129 for 1-hr pilots up to 65 pages (extra length fee applies over 65; 70 pages max)

$119 for 1/2-hr pilots


(2-page mini coverage including 1 page of notes and our 33-category grid. CI Lite IS eligible for Get Repped Now!)

$119 features up to 120 pages (extra length fee applies over 120; 130 pages max)

$99 for 1-hr pilots up to 65 pages (extra length fee applies over 65; 70 pages max)

$89 for 1/2-hr pilots




Managers are writers’ not-so-secret weapon. While many emerging writers naively focus on getting an agent, the truth is that it’s the MANAGER who often gets you the agent. You don’t generally land agency representation until there’s some heat on you, and you’re a known quantity in town, or you’ve won some major kudos at a huge festival like Sundance or are a Nicholl Fellow (but even then, maybe not.)

Managers are the ones who work with you on draft after draft, developing your craft and getting the script where it needs to be. Agents just don’t have the time or interest and depend on managers to do the heavy lifting. Managers generally have much smaller lists (say 10-25 clients,) while agents can have 70-80 clients. Do the math. Managers are the ones who strategize, put the team together, slip scripts to producers to start relationships and build the heat.

Most importantly, managers are often more approachable. It’s their job to find and nurture emerging writers.


1) Between March 11th and June 16th2024, submit your script directly to Coverage Ink (or through Film Freeway or Coverfly) for analysis. (Scripts submitted outside of the Get Repped Now window will not be eligible for the Get Repped Now promotion, but will receive CI’s expansive, empowering coverage – as always.)

2) Fill out the release form/order form and then upload your screenplay or pilot. (Sorry, spec TV episodes of existing shows are not accepted for Get Repped Now, but we are happy to review them anyway if you like.)

     Managers Lee Stobby & Jake Wagner

3) You will receive a confirmation from us and a PayPal invoice from CI for the screenplay or pilot analysis. We’ll email you a confirmation upon submission with your estimated coverage delivery date. Please note that our usual 10-day turnaround for standard coverage can be substantially longer, often 6-8 weeks or more, during Get Repped Now, especially if you submit close to the final deadline.

4) You will receive your analysis back on or around the promised delivery date. Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions, we cannot handle any rushes or semi-rushes during the Get Repped Now! promotion.

Considers will be sent to the manager panel at the end of Get Repped Now, with our recommendations. We will also work with you to tighten and lock those submissions before sending them off to the panel. We will let you know what feedback we receive and if the rep requests so, put you in direct contact with them. 

5) Script submissions that score below consider for script (‘Consider with Reservations’ and ‘Pass’) will not be advanced to the panel, but you will have a solid road map for how to make your script rock in the form of a detailed, thoughtful and empowering script coverage report.


For more info please see our


Please note that a “consider with reservations” for script is considered a near miss, not a “consider.”

But take heart: a little elbow grease might get you into the end zone.



Coverage Ink’s Jim Cirile and the Agents/Managers Hot Sheet – Live! Panel 2017


  • You may submit as many screenplays and/or pilots as you wish before the Get Repped Now! final deadline (June 16th, 2024.)
  • You must be the writer/writers of your submission, or else have an option or legal right to submit the material.
  • All scripts entered will receive full screenplay coverage from an experienced analyst from the Coverage Ink (CI) team. No screenplays are read by interns or students.
  • Only screenplays and teleplays that receive a ‘consider’ (or better) for SCRIPT will be advanced to the manager panel. Scripts that receive a ‘consider’ for writer but do not receive a ‘consider’ (or better) for script will not be passed along. Sorry, but a “consider with reservations” is NOT a consider.
  • Offer ends at 11:59 PM of the Get Repped Now final deadline (June 16th 2024).
  • Offer only valid on screenplays and teleplays submitted for coverage to Coverage Ink.com during the GRN period (March 11 –  June 16th, 2024.) We are always happy to evaluate your work anytime, but Get Repped Now takes place in a short window of time for a reason.
  • Due to the volume of submissions, please allow 10-30 days (or longer) to receive your analysis back from CI during Get Repped Now. We will send you an estimated turnaround time when you submit. The closer you are to the deadline, the longer the wait will likely be. If you need faster turnaround, contact us — we can do that, but the script will not be entered into Get Repped Now.
  • Due to the volume of submissions, writers cannot select which readers will read their submissions during the GRN period. We will assign your material to whomever we think is the best fit for it based on genre, logline, and other info you provide, as well as our readers’ tastes, strengths and availability. We will pair your submission with a reader who specializes in that style (we have over 30 readers.)
  • Offer open to everyone over the age of 18 worldwide where permitted by law.
  • All genres are accepted. We will match your submission with a reader(s) who is well-versed with your genre. If you have any special considerations or concerns, just email us!
  • Feature scripts must be below 130 pages to qualify; TV pilots below 70 pages for a one-hour, or below 40 pages (single-spaced, single camera-style) or 55 pages (double spaced, multi-camera style) for half-hours.
  • Short film scripts, spec TV episodes of established shows, treatments and outlines, plays and manuscripts are not eligible for Get Repped Now (but we’re always happy to review them.)
  • Screenplay and Teleplay submissions must be in industry standard format. If you are unfamiliar with these, pick up a copy of the Coverage Ink Spec Format & Style Guide Edition X.
  • At the end of your screenplay coverage report, the script will be rated from ‘pass’ to ‘recommend’ for both script and writer. But only the “script” score counts towards Get Repped Now. The ratings are:
    • Pass
    • Consider With Reservations
    • Consider
    • Strong Consider
    • Recommend

The vast majority of scripts are a ‘pass.’ That doesn’t mean they’re not any good; it generally just means there’s work to be done. Anything above ‘consider’ is pretty rare.

  • A ‘consider with reservations’ for script, while laudable and a strong sign you are close to the bull’s-=eye, , is not a ‘consider’ and thus doesn’t qualify. However, that often means you’re almost there, so get to work!
  • Resubmissions: You are welcome to resubmit any script or pilot as many times as you like during Get Repped Now. We have several amazing clients who, in the past, started out with a “pass” for script, and then through incredible effort, utilizing the notes they received from Coverage Ink, revised the script, resubmitted by the deadline and got a “consider.” Resubmissions are $10 off, so be sure to tick the box to get the discount.
  • If your script receives a consider, please allow a few weeks after the scripts are submitted to the panel to hear back. If they are interested, they will contact you directly. If they are not, Coverage Ink will get back to you with the reason they passed. What happens moving forward is up to them and to you.
  • If your script receives a consider, you will have the ability to do a polish on the script based on the coverage before submitting to the managers and agent. We strongly encourage you to do so.
  • Coverage Ink is NOT entitled to compensation for any deals that may occur with your material. We are merely providing an introduction and validation. We are not attaching ourselves in any way.
  • By participating in this offer, you agree to have your screenplay sent to our industry panelists for consideration for possible representation. If you do not wish to have your material sent out, just let us know.
  • The decision of whether or not to offer representation is up to the panel. There is no guarantee of any offer of representation. Coverage Ink advises and guides the considers and advocates for them, to help give them the best possible chances with our panel.
  • Coverage Ink is not affiliated in any way with any of the companies listed.
  • Coverage Ink team members, partners and associates are not eligible to participate in Get Repped Now.
  • Coverage Ink has a no refunds policy. You are paying for an evaluation and opinion. You are of course entitled to disagree with your analysis, but that is not grounds for a refund. Follow-up questions are free up to appx. 10 minutes of the reader’s time. For more in-depth follow-ups we’re happy to schedule a phone, Zoom or Skype consultation with the reader.
  • RUSHES are not available during Get Repped Now.
  • Sorry, we do not allow swapping out of a new draft once you have submitted.
  • The decision of the Coverage Ink reader is final.





Joe Marino signed with Schemers Ent.


Becky Fink signed with Schemers Ent.


David Williams signed to Verve and Gramercy Park; Sophie McLaughlin-O’Hara signed to Fourth Wall, and Christian Canterbury signed to Seasmoke.






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