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Professional screenplay analysis, development, editing.
Empowering Screenwriters since 2002.
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We provide professional screenplay analysis, development and editing to clients around the world. Empowering screenwriters since 2002. Read how Coverage, Ink started, Our History, Our Vision and Why Coverage.

Stormblog is the official blog of Coverage, Ink pack fill of tips, insights and news about Hollywood, screenwriting and the biz in general.

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Coverage, Ink’s newly revised and expanded SPEC FORMAT GUIDE 2017 will help you master screenplay format. Buy it here or together with Agent’s Hot Sheet – 10 years of wisdom from Hollywood’s Top Reps packed into 230 page e-book.

Here you will find all the answers to your questions about coverage, our readers, costs, the process, Get Repped Now! and other concerns.

Get Repped Now!
The opportunity to get your script to industry movers and shakers — if you’ve got the goods. Happens twice a year in the spring and fall. Go to the Get Repped Now! Page to find the dates for the next one and how to enter.

Who reads for Coverage, Ink? The very nature of their jobs demands anonymity. We cannot divulge who our readers are, but they are degreed, working industry professionals with strong development skills and thousands of scripts and coverage reports under their belts. They have worked for big production companies with studio deals and indies alike, and for several of the 3-letter agencies. Their Mini-Bios will give you a good idea of the highly experienced team at Coverage, Ink.

What is coverage and what does the report look like? See many different samples of Standard Analysis and Pro Analysis.

Details of all our services: Standard Analysis, Pro Analysis, Mark-up & Editing Services, Consultations, Pro Writing Service, and more.

Standard Analysis – A thorough, detailed, affordable analysis of your screenplay by smart industry pro readers – giving you the ammo you need to bring it to the next level!

Pro Analysis – Want an expensive screenplay consultant level analysis without paying an arm and a leg? You’ve come to the right place. Mark-up and editing included.

Mark-up & Editing Services – Our readers will flag typos, X out scenes that run long and make copious margin notes as they ready your script. You will know exactly what to do.

Consultations – Want to run a story idea you’re considering? Or maybe discuss a script analysis in-depth? Or even practice a pitch or work the kinks in your outline. Schedule a call!

Pro Writing Service – Got a script heading towards production and needs a polish, quick? Or maybe you have something under option that needs some work, fast? We’ll hook you up.

Other Services – Manuscripts, Plays, Outlines, Treatments, Short film scripts, Ghost-writing, Phone consultations, Query letters and more!

Service Fees
Read the full breakdown of our prices. Our Standard analysis fee is only for the same level (or better) service than our higher priced competitors.

Submit It!
Ready to submit your script? Great here’s the form to complete, and send off.

Read what Coverage, Ink clients have to say about the service they received.

In several shot videos, Jim talks about finding the right service, surviving coverage, how to get an agent, knowing when your script is ready, the importance of the first 10 pages, and see the live panel of the Agent’s Hot Sheet.