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Coverage Ink Writing Service

Got a script heading for production that still isn’t where it needs to be? Maybe your dialogue has plenty of snap and crackle, but no pop. Perhaps when it comes to subtext, the script exhibits the finesse of a T-Rex. Maybe you’ve got a killer idea and need help breaking the story so you can hit the ground running. Or maybe you’re a busy producer or exec and you simply want to hire someone to nail it once and for all.

Throughout the years, Coverage Ink has consulted on hundreds of projects; we’ve written, rewritten or polished dozens of scripts for hire and polished many more. Our scripts have won contests and gotten people signed. And our rates are reasonable, starting with our $89/hr rate for small jobs, all the way up to screenplay or pilot origination at a price/quality ratio no one else can touch.

CI Pro Writing Services: FOR PRODUCERS

Script or pilot writing or rewriting at any stage
Presentation Outlines
Pitch Decks
Production/Dialogue Polish
Manuscript Analysis and Recommendations
Draft Comparisons
Phone, Zoom or Skype Mentoring


CI Pro Writing Services: FOR WRITERS

Phone, Zoom or Skype Mentoring
Mark-Up/Editing Services
Consultations as needed
Analysis second opinion

Writers: Why Use CI Pro Writing Services?

Perhaps you’ve hit the wall with a script — 20 drafts in, and you’re stuck. You’ve gotten coverage, you’ve gotten feedback from friends and contests, and despite your best efforts, you can’t lick it. We can help. Set up a consultation with us and we will walk through the material with you step by step, in as much depth as is necessary. We can offer suggestions, spitball ideas, help ferret out clunky dialogue and more, and best of all, you can make those fixes right there on the spot. Phone, Zoom, or Skype consults are $89/hour – or set up mentoring for $345/4 hours. You can set up a consultation at your convenience, or even schedule a regular weekly time to chat with your assigned mentor and work through the material. Talk about a deep dive!

Or suppose the dialogue is just not getting it done at the level it needs to. We can either go through it with you line by line, seeing how it plays and throwing out ideas for edits and alternative lines and so forth along the way.

Or perhaps you just need someone to go through the script with a fine-tooth comb and eliminate 10 pages. We can do that too! Just email us using the contact form below.

More Info on Consultations/Mentoring

*** Please note that we do not generally offer CI Pro writing or rewriting services for writer clients, with the exception of the items listed above. In other words, unless you are a WGA signatory producer or production company, we will not write or rewrite a screenplay or pilot for you.

The reason is that a polished screenplay or pilot, no matter how great it is, is of limited value to the writer if he or she cannot produce new material at that same level of quality without help. Agents and managers generally won’t be interested in writers with only one good script. They want to build a relationship with a client who can generate material at that same level consistently and often.

Coverage, Ink is here to help you get the material where it needs to be via analysis, mentoring, consultations, but the elbow grease must be the writer’s. Our goal is to empower YOU to get the material where it needs to be and help elevate your craft to a professional level. It costs thousands of dollars to hire a writer to write or rewrite a script — we recommend instead putting that money towards taking a great writing class where you can learn and workshop your material, such as the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting.***

Of course, probably the least expensive way to turbocharge your writing is to download our CI Spec Format & Style Guide. The vast majority of screenplays and pilots we see make common mistakes, both in terms of format as well as craft – that we cover extensively in the Guide. It’s $4.95 and you can get it right here.

Producers: Why Use CI Pro Writing Services?

With Coverage, Ink, you get the advantage of our team. You’re not just hiring a writer (with all the potential difficulties which may come with that — flakage, unreliability, story execution not up to par, final product going in a different direction than what you wanted, etc.) On every script written for hire, CI head Jim Cirile acts as production manager/story editor, guiding the process and ensuring that the final deliverable has the desired professionalism. As well, all CI Pro script origination jobs come with our CONSIDER guarantee.

GUARANTEED CONSIDER – All Coverage, Ink Pro scripts written, or substantially rewritten, for hire come with our CONSIDER guarantee*. After completion of the polished draft, we will submit the script (under a pseudonym) to one of our team for coverage. After receiving the coverage, the script will then be polished (at no additional charge,) and again, the script will be sent anonymously to a DIFFERENT reader for coverage. We do this as many times as needed until your screenplay scores a coveted “consider” for the script — guaranteeing you a ultra-high quality product, ready to rock and open doors. You can’t get that with hiring an independent writer!

As well, we will pair you with the best possible writer for your project, so no need to worry that your horror/thriller will be written by someone scared of a little blood, for example. Our team includes many produced, WGA, and award-winning writers.

Want to find out more? Drop us a line!

*Does not include polishes.