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We provide professional screenplay analysis, development and editing to clients around the world.
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Coverage Ink History

Our History

Coverage Ink was founded in February, 2002, by Jim Cirile, a multi-produced, WGA member writer/artist /musician and then-columnist for Creative Screenwriting magazine. Jim built up a small network of trusted readers who worked for production and management companies, whom he used to develop his own material before sending it out. Looking at the few script coverage companies around in 2002, he found them to be overpriced or the coverage skimpy, demeaning or often just not helpful. So he launched CI with his trusted handful of script development pros reading for CI on the side. (more…).

Coverage Ink Coverage

What is Coverage?

Coverage is simply a reader’s report. Every script submitted to a feature film studio or agency or production company gets “covered.” When you submit a screenplay, its fate rests in the hands of one extremely important person: the READER. That individual’s opinion — PASS, CONSIDER, or RECOMMEND — determines whether or not anyone else there will ever read your screenplay. You need an ace in the hole to make sure it’s as good as it can possibly be — script analysis and development from Coverage Ink. (more…).

47 Ronin

Our Vision

Coverage Ink seeks to provide affordable, world-class story analysis to all screenwriters. We are all about giving back, sharing our knowledge and industry expertise so that every writer who puts in the work can have the best possible shot. We work with our clients to improve screenplays and teleplays on every level, to help elevate craft and voice, and above all, realize their visions. We are huge proponents of DIY and writers taking their power back. There are a million ways to get your work made and get it seen. We’re here to help you bring it.

Everything You Need to EXPLODE your Style
Whether you're just getting started or a pro, the CI Spec Format Guide will help you bring it. Packed with tips and tricks to improve your craft and help your writing become quicksilver and your voice unique and compelling. Must read! Only $4.95.


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