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Welcome to Coverage, Ink -- The Industry Experts.

When you submit a screenplay to an agency, production company or management company, its fate rests in the hands of one extremely important person: the READER. That individual's opinion -- PASS, CONSIDER, or RECOMMEND -- determines whether or not anyone else there will ever read your screenplay. You need an ace in the hole to make sure it's as good as it can possibly be -- script analysis and development from Coverage Ink.  

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"(The reader) did a fantastic and thorough job and I greatly appreciate it. I found it invaluable in its breadth and depth. I wasn't hurt or upset by the critique but rather enlightened and empowered. I am going to cut a lot of the chaff, streamline the story and refocus it. A much better, streamlined, thorough, and professional screenplay is in the works. This coverage is some of the best money I ever spent." -- Jon L.


"I am truly amazed at the level of coverage provided; page after page of in-depth evaluation and constructive comments. So much to read, in fact, I've only been able to gloss over everything. Many thanks to AL, aka The Reader for being so thorough and supportive; not an easy task, I'm sure." -Mike P.


"Thanks in large part to the many rounds of notes we've had from Coverage Ink, we were lucky enough to make it as one of sixteen scripts featured at the recent Austin Television Festival. We were quoted in the trades! Check out this Variety article. We couldn't have done it without the help of your always insightful readers." --Tony Dunoyer


“Had a really great meeting with Jake (Wagner) yesterday. He wants to send out 'Nottingham & Hood' and will work with me on the next sci-fi thriller script. Thank you so much for the coverage, help, and advice!!” – Brandon Barker, placed at Benderspink at part of Get Repped Now! Summer 2014


“Thank you so much for the excellent review of my screenplay. You are a candle in the dark and as of now an invaluable part of my development process.” – Anita R.


“I’ve tried three other coverage services and had become disenchanted with the experience. In my opinion, you guys are the best by a country mile.” – Nick K.



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