Get Prepped for Get Repped (part 1)

Lessons from Previous Years

Get Repped Now! returns on 3/11/24. This gives all of us a little time to prepare and make sure we’re ready to rock.

You can find a detailed analysis of the most common script problems of a previous GRN right here and a general checklist of things to consider before sending in your script right here.

Apart from the big and obvious things like having an active protagonist, forward momentum, and structure, which are all covered in the referenced articles above, let’s not forget the sometimes less obvious but certainly not less important aspects of screenwriting.


Dynamic dialogue being first and foremost among them. Check out the linked article and read your script out loud. Maybe invite over some friends for a read-through. Do the characters sound real? Believable? Unique? Does their dialogue reflect their background? Who they are? Where they’re from? What do they aspire to? Their education, hobbies, pet peeves? A dedicated dialogue pass is always a good idea.

Is your writing style visual enough? We’re writing for a visual medium. If you find that the dialogue is doing most of the heavy lifting in your screenplay, then maybe you need to do a pass to ensure that you’re actually writing for the screen, not the stage. Check out the above linked article and wow the readers with those visuals.

Is your protagonist the exact same person at the beginning and the end of the story? You might want to read up on character arcs. Forward momentum isn’t only important for the plot but also for the character. Yes, they can try to change and fail, but they must be on a personal hero’s journey. Otherwise, if it’s all about plot, and characters are simply there to serve the plot, then what we have is a “programmer.” Nothing wrong with those… except you won’t break into the business with them. And if you’re entering GRN, we assume that’s what you’re trying to do.

As always, if you have any questions, you can get in touch with us at [email protected]. The answers are always free.

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