Meet the GET REPPED NOW panel for 2024

Without further ado, here is our amazing management panel for Get Repped Now 2024. If your work scores a “consider” or higher for script, it will be presented to these industry heavyweights with our recommendations.

What happens after that is up to them – and you. 

We have some returning favorites here along with some exciting fresh blood. Jake Wagner has been with us from the beginning and in fact signed Brandon Barker and sold his script “Nottingham & Hood” to Disney. Gavin Dorman from Schemers signed two of our writers in the past two years. And Josh Weinstock is developing and packaging another GRN script, Christian Canterbury’s horror/thriller “Date.”

This panel brings a broad spectrum of tastes to the table. As usual, high-concept and genre is sure to get attention — but Val McLeroy is on the lookout for fresh TV projects and limited series, Anastasiya Kukhtareva is looking for family adventure, and Aaron Folbe loves comedy, sci-fi and thrillers. And let’s just mention Gavin Dorman’s broad tastes: he signed both Joe Marino (horror) and Becky Fink (rom-com.)

In a proverbial nutshell: our panel is looking for talented writers with killer scripts. So, gentlemen and ladies, start your engines.

It’s (almost) time time to Get Repped Now. 

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