Do You Have What It Takes? Webinar now online

Howdy, fellow screenwriters, TV writers, and creators of screenplays extraordinaire. In case you missed our Do You Have What It Takes? webinar last weekend, we’ve posted the whole kit and kaboodle on the YouTubes for your viewing pleasure. So get comfy, ’cause it’s gonna be saucy. Another 90 minutes of sage advice, anecdotes and cautionary tales.

Joining us for Do You Have What It Takes? are our very special guests, Tim Albaugh and Linda Voorhees from UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting and ProPath Screenwriting. UCLA Professional Program is where I got my certificate in screenwriting, and I highly recommend it. They don’t get much better than Tim and Linda. And now you can get the benefit of their wisdom for free right here in this no-punches-pulled, no-BS 90-minute webinar extravaganza.

Want more? There are many more hours of original CI Pro Series webinars on our webinars page — including Secrets of Great Dialogue, How to Crush Screenplay Contests, The Importance of the First Ten, and MUCH MORE.

Click the image to watch. Enjoy!

–Jim C.



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