DIY Free Tournament WINNER!


Before we announce our winner (and show you the film), a round of applause please for these amazing folks who demonstrated crazy stick-to-it-iveness, innovation, and ambition. All seven films were remarkable in their own way.  Some were hilarious. Some were dramatic. Some were freakin’ insane. And all were done in just a few weeks.


Here are the seven dynamic screenwriter/filmmakers who made it across the finish line:

JON BUDAS – “The Magic Box”

A dying father pulls his son out of a crash-dive with the help of a “magic box.”

BRIAN FAIRBANKS – “Borderline”

A clever parable about immigration as conveyed via toys.

CLAIRE FAVRET – “Woman in a Car Commercial”

Suburban inhabitants of a commercial question their reality.

MARCUS HAUGEN – “Chair Problems”

Slacker versus fed-up office chair.


A troubled woman settles an old debt once and for all.

DANA MOE – “The Screener”

A buttinski mom tries to help her daughter’s dating life… with unexpected results.


A Brazilian family man hires an assassin to take out the man ruining his marriage — but gets a Faustian deal instead.

Drum roll please…




“Woman in a Car Commercial.” 

A delightful exercise in escalating, existential daffiness, we found Claire’s script to be clever, funny, and well-paced.

Well, done, Claire! 

And a nod to Chas Lilly as well, portraying the clueless suburban dad.

This from Claire: “Wow thank you so much! That is so exciting! Your notes throughout were so, so helpful and helped me take it from a basic premise to much more. This was a great experience, and I’m more confident about stretching my capabilities in the future.”

EXCELLENT! That’s exactly why we did this 🙂

Click below to watch the short!

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