Coverage Ink’s GET REPPED NOW Returns April 4th, 2022!

We couldn’t be more excited about this. Last time out, two of our considers got SIGNED, and a third is still in play. We’ll be making an official announcement about this as soon as we can.

If your script didn’t score a consider last time out, don’t despair. Everyone’s gonna have another bite at the apple as Get Repped Now returns this April.

So time to get cracking. Got a new script or pilot in the works? Is it awesome? Then our panel of ten top literary managers wants to read it.

We’ll be having a lot of fun stuff coming up soon, including Get Prepped for Get Repped, quizzes and exercises to help you bring it.

But mark the date: come April 4th, your job is to blow us away.

Don’t know what Get Repped Now is? Click here

Jim and Tanya from Coverage Ink

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