Biggest Mistakes Screenwriters Make – Free Webinar 10 AM Feb. 02

Back in the ’90s, I was working with a producer of some note on a go movie project, and that producer wanted things a certain way. Now I did not agree with that producer’s take; in fact, I thought his approach was so appallingly wrongheaded and destructive to the project that I literally gave myself ulcerative colitis from the stress of it.

Rather than suck it up and try to make his ideas work, I instead complained vociferously to another of the producers at this company, who feigned sympathy and camaraderie.

The next day, my dumb ass was fired.

So that’s just one example that probably most of you guys would have seen coming. But I was young and stupid and frankly had a bit of a chip on my shoulder, and even more egregiously, I thought people actually gave a crap about what the writer thought.

So we’re doing another CI Pro Free 1-hour Webinar in the hope that this and other cautionary “open mouth, insert foot” tales will prevent you guys from a similar fate.

The webinar is 10AM Pacific time, Saturday Feb. 02, and it is open to the first 100 registrants. You can sign up right here.

So join us as we lay out some of the most common gaffes both emerging and represented writers make, and hopefully in doing so, we’ll all keep our trains on the tracks.

–Jim C.


1 thought on “Biggest Mistakes Screenwriters Make – Free Webinar 10 AM Feb. 02

  1. Mario R Reply

    Hi, I totally loved and enjoyed this workshop. However, I missed some parts of the webinar. Is there a way I could see it again?

    Mario R

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