Meet the Get Repped Now Panel for 2023

Get Repped Now begins again for 2023 March 13, and we are super pumped to announce this year’s panel. Truly the best of the best, the elite, the movers and shakers whose clients regularly get on The Black List and whose tastes are regarded as the best in the biz.

Without further ado:

You’ll notice some returning names on here from years past, plus some new blood. It’s not enough that they’re apex lit managers – they must also be also hungry for fresh new writing talent. And if your screenplay or pilot scores a “consider for script” or better, your script is automatically advanced to these guys, where we advocate for you.

Does every consider get signed? Nope, not even close. But many get meetings and start relationships. Sometimes a manager may love the writing but doesn’t feel they can do anything with the script for whatever reason. Could be that a similar concept recently went out, or a movie/TV show in the same genre just underperformed, etc. But that’s all fine. The whole point is to make relationships and open doors.

One of our 2022 considers is currently working on a new pilot for one of our managers he met with. While that manager loved the writing, he didn’t feel he could do much with the writer’s pilot – but he sparked to one of the writer’s other ideas. That writer just finished his extended outline and has now begun the first draft. Guess who will read it when he’s done? Relationship made; door open. Boom.


Remember to get those scripts in to us EARLY. Don’t wait until near the deadline! The earlier we get it, the more chance you can get your coverage back before the final deadline and resubmit a polish draft. It’s all about the elbow grease. Get crackin’, and good luck, everyone!





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