GET REPPED NOW Dates Announced for 2021


Hey, kids! It is with excitement and pride that we announce the return of Coverage Ink’s GET REPPED NOW for 2021. Get Repped Now is our (mostly) annual promotion wherein we elevate every feature screenplay and original TV pilot which receives a “consider” or better for script to our manager panel. We’ll be announcing the panel probably in February or early March. But for now, here’s what you need to know:


DEADLINE: MAY 2nd, 2021

That’s right, six short weeks to get your material ready for industry eyes. So roll up those sleeves and get cracking, because you will be wanting to make sure that script kicks gluteus by March. And even if it doesn’t land a consider from us first go-round, don’t fret — you will likely still have time to polish it up and resubmit before the deadline, using our handy notes as your battle plan to success.

And to be clear, please understand that any considers you may receive (or have received) from CI outside of the Get Repped Now dates do not qualify for Get Repped Now. Get Repped Now ONLY counts Coverage, Ink considers (not from any other service, company or contest) on material submitted during the Get Repped Now period. The rest of the time, it’s just regular coverage, for you to use to tighten and develop your script. If you did receive a consider outside of the GRN window, great! Do the notes, make the script even better, and resubmit it before the deadline!

More very soon…

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