Get Repped Now Considers 2017/2018

We proudly present the eleven screenplays and pilots which scored a coveted ‘consider’ for writer as part of our Get Repped Now promotion in 2017. One huge heap of talented bad-asses right here! We’ll be blasting these scripts to our manager panel the first week of February. So let’s all pull for these amazing writers!

Here are the eleven Coverage Ink’s Get Repped Now considers for 2017:

>> The Raven King – Spencer & Josh Marentette
>> The Uninitiated – Shaun Raad
>> Invaders – David Keith Miller
>> Wrath of Angels – Jordan Dale
>> Diplomatic Security – Rob Samborn
>> Civil Unrest – Jeff Perreca
>> Trebuchet – Bruce Branit
>> Halcyon Falls – Jeff Bower
>> Grip – Craig Cambria
>> Rapid Descent – Courtney & Jacqueline Silberberg
>> Deliberate – Michael Mast

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