Secrets of Great Dialogue – full webinar!

Hi everyone,

It was another killer webinar this weekend. Thanks to everyone who participated and asked questions. And if you missed it, just click below to watch the whole thing (85 minutes. Boy, we cannot seem to keep these things to an hour no matter how hard we try.)

Special thanks to our guest TIM ALBAUGH from UCLA Professional Program and ProPath Screenwriting. Check out what ProPath’s got going on – seminars, mentoring, workshops and more, from Tim and fellow UCLA Professional and Master’s program instructor Linda Voorhees. Their first-ever all-day seminar is coming up in May, and as Tim says, it crams a 2-year Master’s program in screenwriting into 8 hours. Sign up today!

We’ll be back in April with another webinar, so make sure you’re on our mailing list to be notified when sign-ups are open. See you then.

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