Let’s Charge Into 2024!

It’s the holidays! Translation: family and stress. Find a present dad actually likes. Ignore mom’s cutting remark. Pretend you’re happy to see the in-laws. When you’re done with all of that, you tend to get wistful. After all, another year is almost at an end and we’re staring 2024 in the face. Did you accomplish everything you imagined you would last year? Are you where you wanted to be at the end of this year? Are you perfectly happy with the state of your career? If you’re anything like the rest of humanity, then your answers to these questions were probably on a sliding scale between “no!” and “hell, no!” Sometimes that can be a bit depressing. First of all, welcome to the club. This makes you like the rest of us. You’re not uniquely cursed or unlucky, you’re simply uniquely human. And if that doesn’t already make you feel better, here are some words of wisdom from CI founder Jim Cirile about year-end doldrums.



In case you find yourself with some downtime this holiday season and want to sharpen your writing skills, please check out our writing craft series on the blog. You’ll find a ton of material about the art of screenwriting from structure (starting here with an article on setup all the way through to the end of the script) to writing dynamic dialogue and creating powerful character arcs.  We have helpful tips and tricks on everything from how to network and how to keep your representation to the art of editing yourself. We hope these articles will not only be helpful but also inspiring.

In that spirit, we’d like to wish you a wonderful, peaceful, happy holiday season and an awesome, successful 2024! 




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