BEHIND THE CURTAIN Zoominar Now Available On Demand

Our September 2022 Zoominar, BEHIND THE CURTAIN: SECRETS OF THE SCREENPLAY READER is now available on Vimeo for $14.95.

Learn all about how the coverage biz works from one of the most senior readers in town. In this fast-paced 3-hour Zoominar, USC screenwriting instructor, development exec and CI senior story analyst Beverly Neufeld explains it all:

  • Who readers usually are and why it may be confusing if you get a good rating from one place but not another
  • How readers form snap judgments based on titles and loglines
  • Tips and tricks to get on a reader’s good side
  • Key areas readers look for: structure, character depth, dialogue, etc., and how to ensure you’re nailing it from jump
  • If you place, but don’t win a competition, here’s what it might mean, and how to capitalize on it
  • In short, how to make sure your writing nails those key benchmarks to win readers over fast.

PLUS: Want to get paid for reading scripts? Find out how!

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