Without further ado, we proudly present our Top 50 (semifinalists.) You guys are the elites, the best of the best. At least until we name our top ten, that is! Which will be right around Halloween. Nice work, all!

If you’re not on this list, we sympathize, but just keep in mind there were many scripts on the cusp. We had to draw the line somewhere. Please note that these numbers are not rankings; the list below is in alphabetical order. And if you’re wondering where your feedback form is, they started going out last week and will continue all this week (it takes us a while to get them all out — we have to send each one individually.)

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and remember, we are here to help.

Jim Cirile

  1. 33 Yarrows Way by Christopher Morrison
  2. A Ship Through Fire by John Miller
  3. Am by C.N. Bean
  4. Atom & Eve by Hank Isaac
  5. Blesse (Wounded) by Bob Canning
  6. Bring Me Back by Alexis Lane
  7. Bush League by Steven Shank
  8. Caprivi by Peter Dewhirst
  9. Captive by John Burch
  10. Crusade by Kristen M. Mozaffari
  11. Dead by Thursday by Anthony DellaFlora
  12. Dead Walker by Josh Flanagan
  13. Death Wind by Travis Heermann
  14. Erin’s Voice by Greg Sullivan
  15. Faithful by Dennis Luu
  16. False Sense by Craig Cambria
  17. Getaway, Inc. by Andy Maycock
  18. Happy Trails by Michael Rhodes
  19. Heart of the Family by Sharon Duncan
  20. Hill of Souls by Jennifer Hahn
  21. Hold the Reins by Tracee Beebe
  22. Imprinted by Alison McMahan
  23. Insatiable by Michael D. Morra
  24. Invasive Species by Patricia Semler & J. Russell Prine
  25. Lulu by Samuel Bernstein
  26. Male Order Bride by Charles Mitri
  27. Marlowe by Louise Ransil
  28. Messenger by Tim Tyler
  29. Muffled Screams by David Kaneen
  30. Murdered by Dennis Luu
  31. Night Watch by David Taylor
  32. O Golden Boy by John Bain
  33. Paige & Hadley’s Prom From Hell by Devi Snively & Circus-Szalewski
  34. Paladin by Jared Kennedy
  35. Private Storage by Jared Kennedy
  36. Rage by Mike Davidson
  37. Roachtown by Cillian Daly
  38. Second Glance by Sue Morris
  39. Shed by Dennis Widmeyer and Kevin Kolsch
  40. Silence by John Edward Flynt 
  41. Spoiled Rotten by Cynthia Sieber
  42. Student Council by Tony Cohen
  43. The Beneath by T.J. Cimfel
  44. The Book of Malachy by Colin Elves
  45. The Boy on the Cover by Elizabeth Savage Sullivan
  46. The Heckler by Jery B. Rowan
  47. The Nativity Knockoff  by Jason Hellerman
  48. The Spider’s Web by Valerie Nordstrom
  49. The Ticking Jury by Mike Donald
  50. The Touch by Naomi Lamont
  51. The Warriors of Westgate by Michael R. Harriel
  52. Third by Sean McKee
  53. Wright or Wrong by Glenn Sanders & Brook Elms

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    QUESTION: Noticed a script that wasn't listed on Moviebytes or WOTS as a quarterfinalist on 9/23/11 is now listed as semi (and quarter) finalist. (Script is No. 41 on Semifinals list) Late entry maybe?

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Entered 2 screenplays, 1 is a semi-finalist, the other is not. I understand if you're not sending out feedback on the one still in contention, but today is October 17 and I still haven't received feedback on the other one.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Entered one script but paid for 2 reads. Got only 1 feedback form back. If there are two reads, aren't there two feedbacks?

  4. Anonymous Reply

    I second that! I didn't get my feedback on time either, but I contacted Portia and got it yesterday. Email them. 🙂

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