First Get Repped Now Consider of 2024: Daniel Scherr

It’s so freakin’ awesome when it works out like this. To say Daniel Scherr has put in the work is an understatement. We first saw a version of his thriller IN ACTION almost a decade ago. At the time, we said, “Compelling script about a woman whose gambling addiction may imminently kill her” and gave it a pass/consider with reservations.

Since then, Daniel has been cranking away, honing and toning, resubmitting it for coverage several times. Sometimes it was one step forward, two steps back, but overall the path went ever upwards. Now that dedication has been paying off. Recent accolades include Recommends from Stage 32 and Roadmap Writers, and now he is our first Get Repped Now consider for 2024.

“It does feel good,” said Daniel when we notified him of his “consider” status. “I’m a neurodivergent writer/director who specializes in elevated thrillers. I’m also a massive fan of the gambling thriller subgenre. I wrote In Action after witnessing firsthand how gambling addiction can ruin people’s lives.” Daniel said he wanted to put a spin on things by having a female protagonist, atypical of this type of movie. “(I also) felt the other films in the subgenre were too gritty and not focused enough on the glitz and glam that spellbinds people and facilitates an addiction with a higher suicide rate than all drugs and alcohol combined.

Now if you think we’re going to hit the obvious points about hard work paying off and how sometimes it takes years and many drafts to get something into the zone — you’re right! Daniel never lost hope or shelved his project; to his credit, he was convinced he had something and fought for it.

Now who wants to join him? We’ve got just over a month until the deadline. And we’ve seen a good many near misses this year, some of which may just get into the end zone with a bit of of elbow grease. So what are you all waiting for? Get writing!

Congratulations, Daniel!

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