Searching for the ultimate coaching program? ANSWER THE CALL with Writer/Producer/Teacher and Screenwriting Coach Brooks Elms.


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Answer the Call is a high-intensity, high-octane screenwriting mentorship program offered by teacher and WGA screenwriter Brooks Elms. Answer the Call gives you one-on-one support and guidance from Brooks to raise every facet of your screenwriting game to become professional, as soon as possible. If you’ve been looking for the missing piece of the puzzle to help explode your craft, maximize your voice, and find your path to being a professional screenwriter, this program may be for you.

It ALL happens online, so writers from everywhere are encouraged to apply.

Brooks helps you identify your screenwriting “superpower,” choose an inspired new premise to write, and move through his proven 9-step system — at your pace — to finish the program with a solid draft.

You also get weekly Group Coaching calls where Brooks mentors your peers in the community, and you have access to the online discussion group 24-7 to talk shop and exchange feedback.

You get access to the group calls and online discussion group – FOR LIFE.

—> 100+ writers apply every year – and Brooks only coaches 5 at a time.




And Why Should I Listen to Him?

Brooks is a working WGA screenwriter who has sold several scripts, including two current projects that are grounded sports stories, one with an Oscar-winning producer attached, and another with an Oscar-winning producer who’s generated over a billion dollars in the box office.  He has worked with heavy-hitters like Bob Orci, Brad Peyton, Adam Goodman, Good Fear and Gold Circle, and also wrote, produced and directed two indie features that screened all over the world.

A graduate of the prestigious NYU film program, Brooks has taught over 400+ students at UCLA Extension, his content on YouTube has gotten over a million views, he’s lectured at colleges across the country.

As a lifelong personal growth enthusiast and aficionado of legendary sports programs in basketball, soccer and Mixed Martial Arts – consider Brooks a life coach for writers. He’s been called to get the very best out of a small handful of talented writers destined for greatness.




And What Do The Mentees Say?

Brooks has guided numerous emerging screenwriters across major career milestones such as: securing representation, winning $35K from the Nichol Fellowship for placing top 5 out of 7200, attaching producers to their scripts, and securing paid writing assignments.

This is not a one-size-fits-all experience. You get what YOU need when YOU need it and Brooks brings all his personal contacts and resources to make your success as attainable as possible.

“The seeds Brooks plants in your subconscious will help you blossom into the writer you want to become — a writer who strives for greatness.”

Vanar Jaddou – Nicholl Fellow 2020


And Is It Great Value For Me?

If not here, where else can you get equivalent training from a working WGA writer?

The best comparable experiences are MFA screenwriting programs such as NYU ($30K), USC ( $40K) and AFI ( $50K). And you’d pay those amounts PER SEMESTER X 4 semesters = $120K or $160K or even $200K !

Our boutique program costs FAR less because we don’t have the bureaucratic bloat of traditional education. And we get you comparable if not better results because we’re built around 1:1 coaching customized for your unique needs.

That said, this is a serious investment, and so we offer several affordable payment options.



And What Criteria Does Brooks Use To Select Writers?

1) You Have Storytelling Talent  

This is not a program for total beginners. You’ve written several scripts or honed your skills in other disciplines, like writing novels, copywriting, journalism or even high-level songwriting.

Writers from everywhere are welcome, but you need to show that you’re able to take this profession seriously and that you’re 100% committed to your long-term success.

2) You Put In The Time

You will be expected to develop your screenplay as quickly as possible. This does NOT mean rushing through the process. You set your own optimum pace, but you must be inspired to consistently move forward.

This means spending a minimum of 5-10 hours per week on your screenplay and further developing your craft and career – and that you LOVE this process.

3) You Play Well With Others

You can thrive as an active member of a Next Wave community of emerging screenwriters who support and encourage one another to manifest BIG dreams.

BE is very selective and doesn’t allow energy vampires into the program. The drama stays on the page, not in your process.

When one mentee wins, everyone in the program wins.

4) You’re Ready To Grow

Specifically, you’re open to exploring deep emotions in yourself and others.

Because professional screenwriting is about eliciting powerful emotion in the audience – so that means a high emotional IQ is essential.

To hone that part of your game, you must be committed to the process and taking healthy emotional risks – every day.

5) You And Brooks “Click”

BE is interested in a broad range of genres and creative styles, but for him to be able to give you his best, he also needs to be genuinely excited about your story talent, your process, and how you think.

BE will select the writers he feels the strongest creative connection with, which allows the experience to feel more like you’re working with a producer or co-writer AND YET you obviously own 100% of the material and you make all the creative decisions.


Does that sound like you?

Then reach out! Brooks can tell in a few short questions if there’s a potential match. And if so, we’ll set up a video call with you and Brooks for an interview. Click below to contact Brooks and find out more.









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