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Blackbeard For Men

Jim Cirile on Story Analysis with Brooks Elms
Jim Cirile Coverage Ink

Surviving Coverage
Surviving Coverage - How Jim deals with the coverage process

Which Service Should I Choose?
CI Services - Confused about which level of service to get? Jim explains the basics of CI's services.

How Do I Get An Agent?
How Do I Get An Agent? Our most frequently asked question.

How Do I Know When My Script Is Ready To Go?

My First Ten Pages
Coverage Ink's Jim Cirile on the importance of the first ten in your screenplay.

Antagonist- Maui
Coverage Ink's Jim Cirile on location in Lahaina, Maui, talking about the importance of a well-developed antagonist in your screenplay.

Writer, Edit Thyself
Coverage Ink's Jim Cirile on how long your screenplay should be and how to cut the fat out of your writing.



















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