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Standard Analysis

Coverage, Ink. offers a thorough and complete script analysis from our proven, tested team industry readers.

For $129 we'll give you a logline, detailed synopsis, and then 3 to 5 pages (or more!) of helpful and constructive notes hitting all the major areas in the screenplay, including Structure, Main Characters, Minor Characters, Dialogue, Pacing, Title, Marketability, Craft and more.

Our Standard Analysis is often more detailed than some companies’ "expanded analysis." And we read your script twice to make sure we don't miss any details!

Standard turnaround time is ten days. We also offer 5-day Semi-Rush turnaround and 48-hour RUSH coverage (please call or write to confirm availability before submitting!)

Our team of industry readers have all been tested by us to ensure they know their stuff. We promise a fair and thorough analysis of your script at an unbeatable price.

Here's an even better deal: have your script covered by two separate analysts for only $249. With two sets of coverage, you can compare and contrast the notes and easily come up with a game plan to improve your script.

If the analysts agree, that's a pretty sure bet that other people will feel the same way. If they contrast, then you can utilize whatever feedback you feel best helps your screenplay.

Coverage, Ink. The Industry Experts

*$59 mark-up/editing must be done at same time as coverage. For script editing without coverage, please email us.*

What is coverage?

Coverage is simply a reader’s report. Every script submitted to a feature film studio or agency or production company gets "covered." Readers are the companies' first and best line of defense.

The reader's report usually provides a one or two page synopsis of the screenplay, a breakdown of the characters, a page or two of commentary or evaluation, and lastly, a bar graph evaluating your screenplay from Excellent to Poor.

Finally, your screenplay is rated either "Recommend," "Consider," or "Pass," for both the script itself and for the writer.




















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