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Pro Writing Services

Producers: Got a script heading towards production that needs a polish on the quick? Or maybe you have something under option that needs some work. Or you've got a great idea for a movie and don't have a good writer to execute it?

Writers: Tearing your hair out because you can't lick a story problem, and you're ready to bring in a relief pitcher? Or maybe you just can't write natural-sounding dialogue and want someone to come in and smooth it out for you?

Or maybe you have a 10-page outline you need to get down to two pages and would rather someone else have a whack at it.

Whatever the problem, CI Pro Writing Services can help. We'll take a look at the material at no charge and give you a free quote. We will then pair you with one of our consultants we feel is best suited for the job.

Here at CI we know a LOT of writers, many at the pro level but looking for extra money, or some with great skills but simply haven't broken in yet.

Once we pair you with a writer, we will have them complete the assignment, and then we will ride herd the whole way, making sure the final deliverables are up to our standards.




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"We promise we will give you the best rewrite you can get at prices no one else can touch!
Call us at 323-702-2989 or send us an email for a free quote."

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