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CI Markup and Editing Services

The Coverage, Ink. script mark-up/editing service is intended to do two things: first, to help writers find typos, formatting mistakes, word misusage, identify where their scenes or dialogue or description runs long (or is redundant), and other technical or craft issues which might not get picked up in a coverage report. While not a full-blown copy-editing service, we do try to flag every typo and grammatical error we see.

Obviously, some scripts are going to need a bit more help than others. We've sent back some scripts with heavy corrections and others that have perhaps only a few typos here and there. It all depends on the skill of the writer and how far along the draft is.

The second and perhaps more important thing the mark-up/editing service provides is a glimpse into the reader's thought process. You'll know exactly when the reader "bumps" on something--a plot hole, clunky dialogue, something confusing--and also the areas that were handled well, too. We try to reflect what we're thinking in the margin notes. So if you're starting to lose a reader, you'll know exactly when and why.



Stand-alone (no coverage)             $119

As an add-on to coverage              $59

All mark-ups will be delivered to you electronically unless you request otherwise.


Bear in mind that if your script needs heavy editing/proofreading, we recommend hiring a proofreader. While we will address the major issues, we've had a few submissions that would take literally days to proofread properly (scripts by non-native English speakers in particular.)

Editing/mark-up is available as a stand-alone (no coverage) for $119, or as a $59 add-on to coverage (must be selected when you first submit the script, not after receiving coverage). Mark-ups are done either electronically, and returned to you as a PDF or Word doc within 48 hours of receiving your coverage, or, if requested, as a hard copy printout (on actual paper!) which we mail back to you via USPS. In the case of hard copy mark-ups, handling/return is $12 for US domestic return (shipping is included in the stand-alone rate) or $25 international.

If you wish a hard copy mark-up and return, please email us to tell us, and also don't forget to include return postage/handling on your order from when you submit.

Editing/mark-up is included in CI Pro and JC analyses at no extra charge.



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