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Write Screenplays That Sell -- the Ackerman Way

Write Screenplays That Sell -- the Ackerman Way
by Hal Ackerman
Highly Recommended by Coverage, Ink. as the go-to all-purpose book on screenwriting. If you only buy ONE book on screenwriting in your life, THIS should be the one.

Check it out HERE.

The Writer's Journey

The Writer's Journey -- Mythic Structure for Writers
by Christopher Vogler

A brilliant, indispensible book that breaks down myth into an easy-to-use formula for screenwriters. A must-have!

Check it out HERE.

Breakfast with Sharks

Breakfast with Sharks
by Michael Lent

This excellent book is a must-read for anyone planning on making a go of it as a screenwriter in Los Angeles. Not a craft book, but rather a rules of the road and savvy survival guide for writers.

Check it out HERE.


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Drew's Script-O-Rama

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