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Fees Overview

For $129, you'll get our standard coverage report, which consists of a logline, detailed synopsis, then 3-5 (or more!) pages of in-depth analysis of your script which addresses all the major problem areas by category (and also points out the good stuff), followed by a bar graph rating the major elements of the screenplay from Excellent to Not So Good, and finally our summary of PASS, CONSIDER or RECOMMEND for both script and writer. (The total length of the coverage including all these elements generally runs 8-12 pages.)

We've instructed our analysts to provide expanded feedback and suggestions where appropriate, so rest assured you're getting exceptional value for your money. And get this--read those releases, folks--some of those other coverage services tithe themselves to 10% of any sale, if it can be demonstrated that the coverage was helpful in developing the script! We're not making this up. Coverage ink will NEVER attach itself to your project or demand any additional money, regardless of what happens with your screenplay, and we think it's outrageous other people try to get away with this.

You can also add on screenplay markup/editing service for $59 additional onto any standard screenplay analysis. We will then mark up a hard copy printout of your screenplay, flagging typos and grammatical mistakes and writing copious margins notes, and then return it back to you via US Priority Mail. Return postage/handling is $12 for US domestic or $23.95 for international returns (or you can send us an SASE.)

CI also offers consultant-level analysis in our CI Pro Service, which at $295 is a price most consultants can't touch, for those who want insanely thorough analysis from one of our most senior readers (generally 15-20 pages total; screenplay markup/editing is included).

Click on the button below for a handy chart comparing all of our prices and services! And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at


Other Coverage Pricing

Script Xpert (Final Draft) $180
Hollywood Lit Sales $149
ScriptShark $175
Scriptapalooza $175
Script Department $150
Script Alley $150

*price survey conducted 01/2010














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